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6 Benefits of Garlic for Hair Loss

6 Benefits of Garlic for Hair Loss

     6 Benefits of Garlic for Hair Loss

    Hair loss is basically unnatural; it’s a symptom of a deficiency or imbalance within the body. therefore it is smart that some natural foods will facilitate restore optimum hair health. during this article I’m about to answer the question: will garlic facilitate with hair loss?

    6 Benefits of Garlic for Hair Loss
    6 Benefits of Garlic for Hair Loss
    In a study from 2007 scientists investigated garlic’s effects on hair loss. They found that garlic applied locally to the scalp beat the management cluster proving that it will have a positive impact on hair.

    In this article I’ll review the general health advantages of garlic, you’ll learn additional concerning the study and every one different analysis into garlic associated with hair. You’ll additionally study the simplest thanks to incorporate garlic into your hair care routine.

    What Is Garlic? 

    This vascular plant, closely associated with the onion (learn a lot of concerning mistreatment onion juice for hair loss here), includes a sturdy, pungent odor and spicy, heated style that’s used round the world, each in preparation and in medication.

    The plant, native to central Asia, has been a part of human history for hundreds of years. it's used extensively within the Mediterranean, and could be a staple seasoning across the world.

    Aside from its unimaginable seasoning talents (in the shape of whole cloves, flakes, powder, and oil), garlic has additionally long been loved for its healthful uses. From its medicine effects to its immune boosting capabilities, it’s no surprise that garlic is employed double the maximum amount as different common, home supplements.

    Health Benefits of Garlic

     From Ancient Egypt to modern-day, garlic has been lauded as a useful supplement and used throughout the globe for hundreds of years. So, what area unit a number of garlic’s everyday health benefits?


    A number of inflammatory diseases, like inflammatory disease and redness, could get pleasure from the utilization of garlic as associate degree medicinal drug in line with a 2012 study revealed within the Journal of healthful Food.

    Anti-microbial Effects

    Allicin, a compound found among garlic, has been shown to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and even anti-parasitic.

    Anti-tumor Properties

    A 2012 review, performed by a investigator at the University of Salerno, found that garlic taken orally has anti-cancer properties and may truly slow the expansion rate of cancer cells. A additional specific example of garlic’s cancer-fighting talents may be seen within the 2006 study that checked out the result of diallyl chemical compound on skin tumors in mice. The results? Diallyl chemical compound inflated the presence of a tumour suppressing macromolecule called p53.

    Benign prostate dysplasia

    The medicinal drug and inhibitor properties of garlic lend themselves to the effective treatment of benign prostate dysplasia (BPH), a condition that has been joined to male-pattern hairlessness.

    Cardiovascular Disease hindrance

    A 2006 scientific review states that garlic plays variety of roles within the hindrance of disorder, together with lowering cholesterin, reducing vital sign, and even inhibiting the clumping of blood platelets.

    Immunity Booster

    A number of analysis studies have found that the supplementation of garlic has been shown to stimulate

    How Can Garlic Be Used to Treat Hair Loss?

     As you'll be able to see from the knowledge provided on top of, supplementation with garlic is a superb plan for all around health and upbeat. But, it may also be used as a good treatment for hair loss.

    While there area unit still several queries encompassing the mechanism behind garlic and hair growth, variety of well-known garlic health edges may also profit those that area unit battling hair loss.
    For example, garlic contains anti-microbial properties, which implies it’s effective at battling microorganism, viruses, fungus, and parasites. the employment of garlic, then, will be accustomed stop the natural buildup that happens on your scalp, and leave you with healthier hair follicles and skin.

    Another health profit for people who area unit scuffling with hair loss is garlic’s medicine effects. the appliance of garlic will facilitate to cut back the inflammation and irritation that’s generally gift with hair loss, and nourish the follicles.

    Garlic for Hair Loss: The Science Behind It

    In 2007, scientists performed a double-blind study on individuals suffering from alopecia areata.
    Forty patients were split into two groups of 20. Both groups received twice daily application of betamethasone cream 0.1%, a corticosteroid commonly used to swelling, itching, and general irritation associated with a number of skin conditions.
    One group, however, was also treated with an odorless 5% garlic gel which was combined with their betamethasone cream.
    The results? Well, they speak for themselves.
    As is shown in the above table, individuals who received a combination of the betamethasone cream and garlic gel saw, on average, a 1.5cm2 reduction in patch size. The placebo group, however, only saw a 0.4cm2 reduction in patch size over the course of the study.
    As you may have noticed, this particular study focused on individuals with alopecia areata, and you may be asking yourself, “how does this scientific study relate to male-pattern baldness?”
    Simply put, while alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness) are caused by different factors, the antimicrobial and antioxidant effects of garlic can still be beneficial for those suffering from male-pattern baldness.
    The truth is, the mechanism behind garlic’s hair growing powers are still unknown, but the health benefits associated with the consumption and supplementation of garlic are indisputable.

    Are There Side Effects Associated With Garlic Supplementation?

    While garlic may be a food that’s frequently consumed round the world, there square measure a number of circumstances during which garlic consumption and supplementation could result in unpleasant facet effects.

    For example, people with organic process issues, harm disorders, or low glucose square measure suggested to require caution once supplementing, as garlic will cause more organic process upset, increase the chance of harm, and cause perilously low glucose.

    For women World Health Organization square measure pregnant or breastfeeding, regular consumption ought to be safe, however application to the skin and supplementary consumption is also unsafe and is, therefore, best to be avoided.

    Garlic supplements ought to be stopped a minimum of a pair of weeks before surgery, even in people with no well-known blood disorders, thus on avoid risk of prolonged or excessive harm.

    When applying to the skin, raw garlic is understood to cause irritation like a burn.

    Lastly, whereas uncommon, associate aversion is feasible. If you think associate intolerance or allergic reaction to garlic, avoid consumption and application. If you’re experiencing symptoms of associate aversion, like hives, nausea, or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, look for immediate medical attention

     How to Use Garlic for Hair Growth

    Whether you’d like to increase your consumption and supplementation of garlic for hair growth, or you’re convinced that garlic is a beneficial supplement for all-around health, then the below ideas will help you to incorporate garlic into your regular routine.

    Apply Directly to the Scalp

    If you’re looking to avoid over-complicated recipes and simply want to add garlic to your regular hair care routine with no bells and whistles, then applying garlic oil directly to the scalp may be the method that’s right for you.
    The process is simple: cut a clove of garlic into two and rub directly onto the scalp. This no-fuss method is the easiest one out there, and it only takes a matter of minutes.
    It’s important to note that raw garlic can have a burning effect, and overuse can lead to skin sensitivity and irritation.

    Apply It As a Paste

    For people suffering from male-pattern baldness, this is an easy way to target areas of hair loss.
    As a general precaution, it’s a good idea to test this paste on a small patch of skin prior to applying to your scalp.
    Garlic paste can be made simply and cheaply at home, and all it requires is two ingredients: fresh garlic and olive oil. I also like to add ginger to help boost circulation to the scalp.
    3-Step Garlic/Ginger Paste
    1. Peel and crush the garlic and ginger
    2. Add the crushed garlic, along with olive oil, to a food processor
    3. Blend the mix until completely blended and no chunks or lumps are present.
    That’s it, it really is that easy!
    In terms of measurements, 1 TBSP of olive oil to 1 clove of garlic should suffice, but as clove sizes vary, feel free to use more or less olive oil until the paste is to your liking.
    Apply the paste and leave it on overnight, and then rinse away and wash with your favorite shampoo in the morning.

    Add It To Your Diet

    You probably already consume garlic on a regular basis, but if you’re looking to up your intake, there’s a few simple adjustments you can make.
    First, if the taste of garlic is not your favorite, consider supplementing with a garlic tablet. This is also a great option for individuals who regularly suffer from heartburn or general digestive upset.
    Of course, garlic can also be easily added to your favorite recipes. Mince garlic and add to salad, soup, chicken dishes, and rice. Or, roast an entire bulb of garlic and enjoy the sweet, spicy cloves as a snack or complement to your main dish.


    As the body of research surrounding garlic and hair loss treatment continues to grow, it becomes more and more obvious that garlic can play a role in hair growth.
    While more research needs to be done, particularly on human subjects, you can still benefit from the plethora of health benefits related to garlic as mentioned above.