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Tips to prevent hair loss 2020

Tips to prevent hair loss 2020

    Tips to prevent hair loss 2020

    Hair loss can be one of the main reasons for loss of self-confidence, everyone's lifestyle can affect a problem such as hair loss, hair loss can be controlled with following the right hair care routine.

    Tips to prevent hair loss 2018
    Tips to prevent hair loss

    Causes of hair loss

    1- Age increases the hair follicles significantly and helps to lose and occurs naturally.2. Mental stress or physical stress such as undergoing surgery or illness, or fever, you may have a lot of hair loss after physical or emotional stress, but it will return to growth again within a few months.3. Malnutrition, especially the lack of protein or iron in the diet works on hair loss.4 - diseases of the thyroid gland, including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.5. Diseases, such as lupus, syphilis, or cancer, may grow back on their own, but in some cases, treatment may help to grow again.6. Side effects of certain medications or medical treatments, such as anticoagulants or chemotherapy, hair usually grows again after discontinuation of medication or at the end of treatment.
    7 - Changes in levels of hormones such as taking birth control pills, or changes in the menstrual cycle of women that can affect the cycle of hair growth and cause hair loss.

     Natural tips to prevent hair loss

     1. Hair massage with hot oilHeat some oil (preferably coconut oil or almond oil) and massage the scalp slowly, using your fingertips, increases the flow of blood to the hair follicle, strengthens the strength of hair roots and improves the condition of the scalp.2. Tips for using onion juice to prevent hair fallingDue to its high sulfur content, onion juice helps to treat hair loss, promote blood circulation from hair follicles and reduce inflammation, and the presence of antibacterial properties in onion juice helps kill germs that cause infection in the scalp that may lead to hair loss.3. Benefits of beet juice in preventing hair lossThe inclusion of beets in your diet helps to supplement undernourishment that causes hair loss.4. Tips for using green tea to prevent hair lossGreen Tea activates hair follicles, stimulates hair production, and enhances the metabolism of the person, leading to increased hair growth rate.5. Tips for using cactus in preventing hair lossCactus contains enzymes that directly promote the growth of health hair, and this is done by placing the cactus juice or gel on the scalp.
    Tips to protect hair from falling offMost people start to prevent hair loss after losing a lot of it, but the sooner you start especially if you still have a full head of hair it is a lot easier.In fact, preventing hair loss is a simpler process than treating hair loss, as it is in some hair care and maintenance.

     through some of the things you can do most notably:

    1. Hair care well limits the hair lossThe hair is cleaner and more prone to injury and fall, buy good quality shampoos and hair products, and focus on the scalp and hair roots, when you put the hair solution, it is better to focus on the ends of the hair also, which tend to rapid dehydration, regular hair combing daily also helps to revitalize Scalp.2. Follow a healthy lifestyle that prevents hair lossHair, such as the skin and is often a measure of public health If you are healthy, your hair is also healthy, and if your hair is falling, it indicates a number of potential health problems.Therefore, all you do to keep your health well from eating fruits and vegetables is reflected in the health of hair, eating fruits and vegetables especially that contain (vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc in particular linked to hair health); in addition to a diet rich in protein and drinking enough water .
     3. Avoid bad things for your hair

    Some unhealthy hair practices can hurt the hair ones:

    · Adopt a number of narrow hair pulling things (such as curls or ponytail), where many women pull their hair so that it comes out of its roots.· Combing the hair with rough and violent materials, leading to the hair coming out of its roots and breaking it.Drying the hair with dryers daily or significantly harms hair follicles, as dry air or high temperatures hurt hair follicles.· Use of chemical treatments (even the so-called "herbal") designed to radically change the way your hair is.4. Home remedies for hair loss treatmentMany women, especially in India, have relied on home remedies to get healthy hair through several methods:· Put henna on hair, ring, berries or eggs and apply any of them to hair and scalp regularly, will make your hair stronger and better looking· Washing hair with a little tea or lemon juice will help to get rid of dandruff.· Use coconut oil or almond oil daily on the scalp and leave it better all night until morning and then wash with shampoo will give amazing results for hair.